SB // Bridals

I have been waiting to share these photos for months! Mainly because, this beautiful bride is my sister. In late April, she and my mom came to visit in order to fit her bridals in before her June wedding. On one particularly warm spring day, we traveled down to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens with my 8 month pregnant self, my (then) 17 month old, the bride, and my beautiful mama in tow. Sabe was a trooper while I tried to capture the perfect shot, and she was quite the attraction for all the end-of-the-year school trips! 🙂 After a long morning at the gardens, we had a girls day out; however, that evening the light was too perfect to miss. When the sun began to set, I asked Sabe to get back in her dress and venture out to our backyard for some shots with her reception fascinator! What followed transported us all to a beautiful day in the English countryside with a stunning bride! I was so honored to take my sister’s engagement and bridal photos, and to be a part of such a special time in her life. Sabe, you were quite simply magnificent, thank you for being my favorite model and best friend. I love you so very much!



SB + K // Engaged

A couple of weekends ago, I had the honor of shooting my sister and Kyler’s engagement photos. I had never been so nervous for a session, because I wanted each photo to be absolutely perfect. As the day went on, I quickly found out that these two beautiful people are incapable of taking a bad picture. The love these two share exudes from every frame. They make each other laugh, are affectionate, and are constantly challenging each other to be more like Christ. Kyler is so gentle with my sister. His words are kind, his touch is sweet, and he always leads SB with a sensitive and kind spirit. In return, my sister keeps a smile on his face, encourages him to be the best he can be, and seeks to serve him even now as she prepares to be his wife. I cannot wait to stand beside my sister in June as she makes a covenant with God and Kyler. It will be an honor to witness their vows that day, and an even greater honor to watch them say “I do” every day after.

My dear sister, you are the world’s most beautiful bride, and it is your heart that sets you apart even more than your outward beauty. I am so thankful for the amazing man God has given you in Kyler, and I am constantly amazed at the incredible family God has woven together in these last few years. I love you both so very much!