This year will be our baby girl’s first Halloween, and I must say, I am more excited for this Halloween than I have been in a long time. For our first Halloween as a family, I wanted us to all be from the same movie, and what better movie to start with than Peter Pan! Because I am a first-time mom, and I have to capture everything, I spent a little time today capturing a few photos of our little fairy! With the help of her daddy, she was all smiles, and loved playing in the crunchy leaves! We are looking forward to a fun-filled,¬†festive weekend with our families all together. Over the next few days, I will be attempting to sew my husband’s Peter Pan hat together, and put the finishing touches on my Wendy Darling costume as well, wish me luck!





Celebrate Fall.


With each new season, something stirs up in me to get outside, be festive, and celebrate the beauty of the new season. Perhaps my favorite Season Celebration is our annual Celebrate Fall weekend. There’s just something about the cooler weather, warm colors, pumpkins, changing leaves, and boots that make this heart giddy! This year, was my favorite Celebrate Fall Weekend yet! Over the first weekend of October, J, baby girl, and I set out to the Dallas Arboretum. Each year they do a pumpkin village that is just amazing. God was so good to us and gave us a weekend of perfect, and I mean PERFECT weather! The Arboretum was filled with happy families, children loving nature, and moms, like me, trying to capture each moment. Our sweet girl was excited, loved all the colors, and couldn’t have been more perfect for pictures, and my amazing husband patiently waited as I tried to grab the perfect shot.






After the Arboretum, we drove over to the State Fair of Texas. There we enjoying the petting zoo, the little farm, Fletcher’s corn dogs, and our first carnival ride!





We ended the day in our comfortable hotel room, with a tired baby, and worn out feet. That night, we all ended up getting 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep! It was wonderful, and was the perfect preparation for our morning at Ikea! After Ikea, we made the quick trip home, full of bad-for-you food, countless memories, and anticipation for all the fun to come!

You made me so happy, God I saw your work and I shouted for joy.

Psalm 92:4 MSG