Dearest Daughter.

This year, I get to celebrate my first Mother’s Day with a baby in my arms, all because of you. I get to stand up and be counted among the other moms of the congregation, all because of you. I will be beaming on this day for the rest of my life, all because of you.

You, my dear, are the joy of my heart. You are my greatest motivation. You have inspired the very best within me in just six months, and through it all, you have only made me love your daddy more.

Right now, to you I am perfect. I bring you food when you need it. I clothe you when you are cold. I comfort you when you are sad, and I know just how to make you laugh. But, darling, you should know something-

I’m not perfect. I’ll never be the perfect mother, even as hard as I try. There will be days I get angry for no reason. There will be days where my speech will not be uplifting. There will be moments in which I fail to fully trust God. There will be many days where I completely fail at motherhood. But, darling, you should know something else-

Whereas I may fail at being the perfect mother, I will never fail you.

There will never be a day in which you will not know if I love you or not. There will never be a moment in which I won’t forgive you, no matter how bad it is. There will never be a day in which you wonder if your daddy and mommy are going to stay together. There will never be a day where you see me curse God, just because things get hard. There will never be a day in which you question the treasure you are to us.

While I am bound to fail at many things, I promise to show you the unconditional love that Christ has shown me. I promise to look at you with eyes full of love and grace. I promise to encourage you in the midst of trials, to bring peace to your heart when it is broken. I promise to display a love for your daddy that cannot be touched by any fairytale. I promise to teach you of your great worth to your Savior and to us. I promise to laugh with you, to make time for mommy daughter days, and to show you where your true beauty lies. Above all, I promise to live a life surrendered to Jesus each and every day.

Sweet girl, in many ways you and I share so many things. Your big eyes, milky skin, and wide smile set you apart. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. I’m sure you will be bold and strong-willed, but reign in that power for more important battles. Boys will tell you anything you want to hear, wait for the one who tells you what you what God wants you to hear. Friends will come and go, but hold fast to your siblings and family, they never leave. Your mind is a beautiful thing, do not waste it seeking for the approval of others. Your heart is the shining star of who you are. Let it be a place of mercy, peace, compassion, and love. Let it meditate on the Word of God, and let those words fill up your entire being. My greatest prayer for your life is that you will know Jesus at an early age, and that you will walk hand in hand with him all the days of your life

Thank you for making me a mama. Thank you for making each new day with you better than the last. I love you with all my heart little star.