Round 2.

I am now a week away from being 8 months pregnant with our second daughter, and it amazes me how fast this pregnancy has gone by. In many ways, I keep wanting time to slow down. I have this amazing 16 month old who is only going to be my only baby for 8 more weeks. Little Star is active and strong-willed. Her daddy likens her to a “caged tornado”. In many ways she keeps me so very busy, but there are moments with her that have filled my heart with so much love it overflows. I don’t know if every little girl is this way at this age, but Little Star is obsessed with babies. She loves her baby dolls more than anything else. She points out all the babies when we are out and about. And she even cries when a baby leaves the room because she loves them so. As I have watched her become such a nurturer, my heart is put to rest, knowing the Lord is preparing her for her new baby sister, as much as He is preparing me.

I won’t lie, in many ways, I am terrified of being the mama of two girls. I am terrified I won’t have enough love to give the three people who need me most. I am afraid of being tired and frustrated and taking it out on my two innocent girls. I am afraid of losing myself in motherhood that I forget to be the wife God has called me to be, first and foremost. I am afraid I won’t get back in shape like I want to. I am afraid of trying to raise two young ladies who love Jesus and respect themselves in a culture that pushes everything ungodly at them.

Yet, when these thoughts invade my mind, my Savior comes in and brings me hope. He brings me hope through watching our daughter fall in love with every baby she sees, because I know she will love her baby sister. He brings me hope when my husband says he loves me and tells me how thankful he is for all that I do. He brings me hope through His word.

“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Every day, I am reminded that this beautiful, fulfilling job of stay-at-home-wife-&-mom, is almost impossible without the strength of my Savior. When I feel as though I have no more to give, He gives me the strength to keep going. When the duties of my job cloud the joy found in staying home, He fills my heart with His joy, and reminds me to count my blessings. I am so thankful for His Grace. I am so thankful for His Love. I am thankful for His calling.

As we begin to round the last curve of this pregnancy, I hope to hold my sweet girl closer and tighter during these last days of “just us”. I hope to remind my husband how thankful I am for his leadership, service to our family, and for the amazing ways he loves his girls. I hope to grow in my relationship with my Savior, trusting His plan everyday, and seeking His strength in order to fulfill the calling He has placed on my life.


Baby Girl.

As most of you know, Jordan and I are welcoming a baby girl into this world in November. I have sat down many times to write about pregnancy, my visions of motherhood, and everything concerning baby for weeks now, but have never been fully able to express the right thoughts.

Jordan and I desperately wanted a baby- 36 weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about my desire to be a mom, the fears I had about never getting to be one, and learning how to fully trust God’s plan. It is by no coincidence, that I am 36 weeks pregnant now. I had to give all of my fears and desires to the Lord before He would make me a mommy. Getting pregnant had to happen in His timing, not my own!

These past 36 weeks have been nothing short of pure bliss. I was blessed with an easy first trimester, 3 bouts of morning sickness was about it! For the second trimester, I was in a nesting mood! With the help of my precious mama, my house has been organized and the nursery has been painted. Jordan and I ordered our nursery furniture as soon as we found out we were having a girl, and have put it all together! I could not be more pleased with how everything has turned out. And with the third trimester, I have loved watching my belly grow and feeling her kicks and hiccups!

Starting in August, the nursery was brought to life with the gifts from all of our showers. My former place of work threw me a surprise going away party/ baby shower. Each person from our bank took the time to add their own special detail to the shower. I had never felt more loved by a place of work in my whole life.


August also brought the gift of my best friend and maternity photographer, Ariana, into town. Air literally came from San Diego just to take my maternity pictures! We had never really spent time as just us (because we have 8 other best friends!) before, and I must say, after spending a week with her, I have come to not only love her more as my friend, but also as a woman seeking the Lord! Air, you will never know just how much your visit meant to me!

randle photography 2014_freelen maternity-13

randle photography 2014_freelen maternity-26

randle photography 2014_freelen maternity-55

randle photography 2014_freelen maternity-73

September started with the trip of a lifetime to The Happiest Place on Earth! This was Jordan’s first time to Disney World, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We spent the week with my parents, visited every park multiple times, and ended up falling even more in love. Perhaps my favorite part of the trip was being able to pick out our daughter’s first Christmas gift! It is so much fun being a parent. After our trip to Disney, Jordan and I came home and then left again to spend a week in Lubbock. We celebrated my 24th birthday and were showered with so much love from Southcrest! I was actually born while my dad worked at Southcrest many years ago, and to be showered with love from the same people who showered my mama with love 24 years ago was such a blessing. I will forever cherish the memories made during my week in Lubbock!




October has been such a wonderful month so far! Our home church here in Burleson began the month by showering us with gifts to where the nursery has been finished! Now we just lack a beautiful baby girl, and her photos in frames! Each person who has hosted a shower, or given a gift to our sweet girl has blessed us more than they will ever know. I feel so honored to bring a baby into a community of people who already love her so much!



This past weekend, Jordan and I finally had a weekend open to do whatever we wanted! I really just needed some time with my precious husband! We spent a day in Dallas enjoying the beautiful fall foliage at the Arboretum, made our baby’s mobile, slept in, and spent some time with church friends. We have finished our birth class, and are busy finishing the last few things around the house in preparation for our sweet girl. These past few years as just us have been a dream. Together we have moved, traveled, bought a home, started a mini-farm, fought, laughed, and grown to love each other even more. As we prepare to bring our sweet girl into this world, I pray we will be parents of prayer, parents who seek God’s face before all else, and parents who create a home of peace and harmony. This pregnancy has been one of the highlights of my life. I have enjoyed every second, every kick, and even the little aches that come from our growing baby. As this time in my life comes to an end, I cannot help but give all praise to the Giver of Life! Thank you Lord for this precious gift! 4 weeks until we meet our beautiful baby girl!