Little Lettie

It’s been about two and a half weeks since our Little Lettie joined our family, and we have loved every minute! Lettie has been an easy baby thus far, breastfeeding is going well, and she is growing steadily. Meanwhile, our big girl is loving being a big sister! Star loves to give Lettie the paci, says shhhhh to comfort her, and kisses her baby sister any chance she gets. I have loved watching J with his girls, and love how natural and whole our family of four feels!

About a week after Lettie was born, my sister took some family portraits of us in our bedroom, and yesterday, I finally captured Lettie’s newborn photos, and some pictures with big sister.

We are constantly amazed and humbled by the two precious souls God has given us to nurture, and thank Him everyday for the beautiful gifts He has placed in our care.


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